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Imagine: fragrant compost instead of foul odors, rooftop harvests bursting with life, and effortless sewage treatment. With Riteways, sustainable living isn't just a dream, it's a reality you can manage with ease. 

We offer a service toolbox that turns environmental headaches into flourishing ecosystems.

veggyTERRACE® Rooftop Farming

Urban farming offers a multitude of benefits, from environmental sustainability and food security to improved mental and physical health, by growing your own food.

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terrace garden

SANITR™ Onsite Composting

Drowning in rotting waste? Unmask the secrets of effortless composting using SANITR™ service from Riteways, that transforms messy challenges into thriving opportunities.

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GOBBARAgaadi® Door to Door Composting

Composting is a gift to the Earth and Earth-friendly living doesn't have to be complicated. We make it easy with our GOBBARAgaadi® door to door composting service.

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gobbaragaadi door to door composting service in operation at an apartment site

oxypot® Indoor Air Rejuvenation

oxypot® service adds houseplants in engineered quantity to an indoor space that absorb toxic airborne VOC's and rejuvenate it by enhancing Oxygen and humidity.

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