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Here are some of the ways that Riteways' products and solutions are contributing to a more sustainable future: featured below are the types of projects that have used TALLBOY®, rejuWATER®, and veggyBARREL® products.

Projects Glimpse

NACIN campus entrance at Bangalore regional training centre

NACIN RTC, Bengaluru

National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes & Narcotics in Bengaluru is a shining example of how a large institution can prioritize sustainability. Read More..

Pegasus training camp entrance near bangalore at ghati subramanya

​Pegasus Training Camp

RITEWAYS implemented this project (spread over hilly terrain) without incurring heavy cost of sewage conveyance by utilizing their existing soak pits. Read More..

kempegowda international airport entrance bangalore

​Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru

​​KIA's green initiatives showcase its leadership in sustainable airport operations. The wastewater recycling system, along with other eco-friendly practices, sets a remarkable example for airports around the world to emulate. Read More..

veggybarrel growing corn and leafy vegetables

RWE Curations, Bangalore

In today's world, we don't know where our food is coming from, veggyBARREL® offers the ability to grow tons of fresh veggies at home. Read More...

inaugural red tape cutting event at swachhta prerna udyaan, a solid waste management recycling and resource recovery centre set up by rwa team of sector 47, noida with assiatance from noida authority. This facility uses tallboy composting

​​Swachhta Prerna Udyan, Noida

​​​Proud Moment!
RWA Sector-47, Noida was awarded ₹ 1 lakh in the SWM Award Competition jointly organized by the BIS & Noida Authority, Noida. TALLBOY® OWC Plant was supplied by Riteways. Read More..

L&T Technology Services campus in Mysuru has retrofitted one of its old seage treatment plant with rejuwater modules and completely shut down all electromechanical equipment

​​LTTS old STP Retrofit

​​​90% less operation cost, 2 years to break even: Riteways is breathing new life into old STPs with rejuWATER® retrofit technology. Read More..

beed municipal corporation uses tallboy composting

Beed Municipal Corporation

Beed Nagar Parishad, implemented solid waste resource recovery centre with TALLBOY® OWC composting machines supplied by RITEWAYS. There is a good demand for the compost made by Beed Nagar Parishad. Read More..

Amity site in bangalore, this is an international school in collaboration with howard. Ahluwalia Construction India Limited is building this campus and uses rejuwater sewage treatment plant for its labor camp

​​Labor Camp STP

​​​​STPs at labor camps, help to reduce water consumption, save money on water and wastewater disposal costs and protect the environment. Read More..

Chaudhary Charan Singh University in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh uses TALLBOY composting in their Solid Waste Management program

​​CCU, Meerut

Everyday, 4000 Kg of garbage released from the departments & homes in the Chaudhary Charan Singh University are treated and recycled. Read More..

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