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Who we are?

We are a group of people who share the vision of a self-sustaining society in which everyone can participate and contribute to a better handover of the world we live in to our children and their children.

What we do?

We create environmental cleanup and restoration tools. The resources that anyone can buy for a very low cost in order to become self-sufficient. Not only is he or she supporting the cause, but they are also making money.


When we started?

In 1999, we began our journey with a simple read on a fascinating bacterial application subject. This grew into the business we are today, with our own proprietary designs and registered trademarks that we market all over the world.

What is our experience in this line?

The founders are the ones who come up with all of the disruptive ideas. Before finally launching our products and services in the market, we spent a decade innovating, building, testing, deploying, and validating them. "Customer Delight" is the only metric that matters to us when it comes to measuring our performance.

What is our ambition, vision & mission?

We believe the only way to change the world around us is to talk to the man in the mirror and make that change. Actions speak louder than words, so just

do it riteways!

Our vision

A world without sewage in freshwater bodies, a world without landfills and a world with home farms.

Our mission

By 2025, we want to create capacity by establishing manufacturing, distribution, and service franchisees in each region, so we can reach out to everyone and provide all the help they need.

How do we impact the world we live in?

Everyone's life is touched by our goods and services, and everyone can make a difference with them. And they do so while earning/saving money.

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