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All the water bodies to give us fresh water

Updated: Jan 5

Rain is nature, nature works in abundance. We pray for rains to arrive and when it arrives it doesn't stop and we pray again!.

Rain forms puddles, ponds, lakes, and rivers that continue to feed us freshwater eternally. This is nature's design "eternal supply" & "free of cost".

Every life-form's love rainwater!

All you need to collect rainwater is "folded hands". Stretch your imagination and engineer the idea & you have a beautiful solution that can not only make us self sufficient with water but also with nature.

We could create our own puddles that can feed us eternally with all our water requirements without making any changes to our existing flushing habits.

Fresh water
All the water bodies to give us fresh water

At riteways, we always look at nature for solutions whenever we sit down to design anything. One thing that always reflects in our products is the "abundance" approach. For example, our designs for sustainable living when we talk about water involves collecting rainwater in a way that one could use the same for drinking, cooking, bathing, and washing. The same water after all the usage gets recycled for reuse in flushing and gardening. With this design approach, our puddles would never dry out? Every rain would fill them again to a level that you wouldn't have still run out with when the next rain arrived.

Rainwater is pristine. Those living in areas with rainfall are very lucky to have it. We believe if there is rainfall in an area, there should not be any water crisis. It's just a water management issue. When "rainwater harvesting" is combined with "wastewater recycling for reuse" it is a sustainable way to manage water. Whether this can be done for an individual or can it be scaled to an institutional level are a matter of engineering. At riteways, we have been implementing these solutions for many years and have seen many successful applications. Those who own such systems are very excited to have implemented it.

"There is a great joy in Sustainable Living, living healthy and spreading good health"

This is our riteway!


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