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TALLBOY OWC’s dispose of waste in a responsible manner

Updated: Jan 5

“Out of sight out of mind” attitude is the biggest danger to all the waste management efforts being put in place after the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was kick-started on 2nd October 2014. Those who are simply interested in disposing of waste may not bother much about how composting works, they may just see the system as a compliance tool.

If we don't recycle everything, we are only shifting the garbage from one place to another, and that's not a solution. The shifting occurs at a substantial cost, and all the resulting waste is disposed of in landfills, no matter what the effects on the neighborhoods.

Disposing of waste
Disposing of waste, what could be the riteways

The key to any Zero Garbage Program is composting. When the wet waste is not mixed with the dry waste, the recycling industry is able to process the dry waste profitably. If wet and dry are mixed, no one wants to touch it!

‘Tsunami of e-waste’ to hit the world soon, warns new UN report: The sheer volume of production, lack of recycling, and poor abiding of laws mean that the globe could be in for a doomsday scenario, it notes. Recycling is the only way out and to speed up the process to be able to reverse the trend, we all need to understand a few things clearly. Participation of every citizen will be needed. When it gets decentralized to that level a big change can happen.

Landfills, processing units remain a festering problem. “Noxious gases that escape such landfills and toxic effluents are constantly contaminating soil, surface and groundwater aquifers,” the report says

All Bulk Waste Generators are required to install in situ composting under the Solid Waste Management Rules 2016. This has resulted in an increase in demand for composting machines and a mushrooming of composting equipment manufacturers.

Compost protects land from soil erosion, produces healthy food, and holds water. The irony comes when the wrong composter is chosen. In the absence of guidelines, organic waste management is left to entrepreneurs. Government must identify this line before more instant composters generate ash. Unauthorized instant composting machines cause problems for apartments. Burning mixed waste, consuming high-power sources of energy, and dumping such compost into the soil is [hazardous] for the environment.

Using TALLBOY organic waste converters, kitchen and garden waste is converted to rich manure without the use of heat or electricity. Compost that is produced naturally has a high demand, and buyers are willing to pay a premium for it, which results in highly profitable resource recovery. TALLBOY systems produce compost ten times cheaper than heater-based 24-hour automatic composters.