Best Organic Waste Converters Machine TALLBOY® 

  Best Organic waste converters machine TALLBOY® by Riteways Bangalore, is an unique system to enable "zero garbage zones" for a better tomorrow, starting with semi-automatic machines up to fully automatic PLC-based machines, to convert organic segregated waste into rich quality compost.

organic waste converter for composting organic waste into rich compost

Automatic Organic Waste Converters Machine

TALLBOY® Automatic Organic Waste Composter Machine is a bundle of high speed pulverizer and composting bins with inbuilt curing (no foggers needed in our system). Available in capacity range 50 Kg/day to 2000 Kg/day.

  • Productivity: 30%

  • Operator requirements: 1 for capacities up to 500 Kg/day, 2 for 500-1000 Kg/day

  • Operator skill level: Unskilled operator like housekeeping staff

  • Cost of compost production: Rs.3 to 5/- per Kg

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OWC Machine

TALLBOY® Automatic OWC Machine is a plug and play devices. Ideal for commercial spaces that generate food-laden pizza boxes, paper plates, areca plates, biodegradble waste, kitchen waste, wet waste and food waste. Available as 50 Kg/day and 100 Kg/day models. No heater, built-in curing.


  • Productivity: 30%

  • Operator requirements: Nil

  • Operator skill level: Unskilled

  • Cost of compost production: Rs.2 to 3/- per Kg

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Features of Organic Waste Composter Machine

TALLBOY® Organic waste composter is an award-winning design for “best organic waste composters” for home, apartments, communities and commercial business establishments.

Composting is done without heating the compost pile in an efficient, cost effective and environmentally responsible manner.

  • Designed with simplicity in mind

  • Half-day work for unskilled laborers

  • Consumption of power is very low

  • Low CAPEX and OPEX

  • High-quality compost production

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The benefits of using our Compost Machine

Due to their modular design, the TALLBOY® Compost Machine can be set up in small spaces and in half a day. 

  • Simple to operate

  • Running costs are low

  • Environmentally friendly and low carbon footprint

  • A good value for the money

  • High profitability

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MSW Customized Solutions

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Bad smells in the neighbourhood of an MSW plant can be due to inefficient composting practice. What goes in to Windrow could alter the way composting happens. We suggest to pre-process the windrow pile. 

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Why TALLBOY® Compost Machine?

composting stages


Oxygen from the aeration vents is consumed, the temperature rises through oxidation of organic waste. Biodegradable waste decomposes, pathogens, weeds, and phytotoxins are destroyed.


Depending on the temperature, moisture content, C/N ratio, and nature of organic materials the interactions of bacteria, fungi, and protozoa continue the decomposition. Humification. happens in this zone.


The microbial activity decreases and temperature declines. Cold compost is ready to use for plants.

In short, TALLBOY® OWC Composting Machines and Compost Equipments are bundle of high speed pulverizers produces fully digested, ready to use, highly nutritious, earthy smell compost, NATURALLY.

Riteways, Manufacturers and suppliers of best eco friendly solid waste management products for domestic, commercial and industrial usage in Bangalore, India, provides unique and complete organic waste management solutions to help handle organic waste.

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What Customers Say...

“One of the few OWC Composting Machines manufacturers that stands by the quality of compost produced by its system is RITEWAYS. Compost's rich earthy smell is what motivates people to compost more and more.”


OWC Machine for composting organic waste into rich compost
compost machines for composting organic waste into rich compost
Composting Machine for composting organic waste into rich compost
Composter machine for composting organic waste into rich compost

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