Organic Waste Converter Machines to enable "Zero Garbage Zones".

Bulk organic waste converter machines can determine the success of a solid waste management facility only if they are able to handle the bulk materials efficiently. RITEWAYS manufactures the entire range of composting machines starting with semi-automatic machines up to fully automatic PLC-based machines without heating the compost pile.


Semi Automatic Composting Machines

TALLBOY semi automatic compost machines are a bundle of high speed pulverizer and composting bins with inbuilt curing (no foggers needed in our system). Available in capacity range 50 Kg/day to 2000 Kg/day.

  • Productivity: 30%

  • Operator requirements: 1 for capacities up to 500 Kg/day, 2 for 500-1000 Kg/day

  • Operator skill level: Unskilled operator like housekeeping staff

  • Cost of compost production: Rs.3 to 5/- per Kg


Fully Automatic Composting Machines

TALLBOY fully automatic compost machines are a plug and play devices. Ideal for commercial spaces that generate food-laden pizza boxes, paper plates, areca plates and food waste. Available as 50 Kg/day and 100 Kg/day models. No heater, built-in curing.


  • Productivity: 30%

  • Operator requirements: Nil

  • Operator skill level: Unskilled

  • Cost of compost production: Rs.2 to 3/- per Kg


The features of our composting machines

TALLBOY composting machines and organic waste converters are an award winning design for “best organic waste composters”.

  • Designed with simplicity in mind

  • Half-day work for unskilled laborers

  • Consumption of power is very low

  • Low CAPEX and OPEX

  • High-quality compost production


The benefits of using our composting machines

Due to their modular design, the TALLBOY OWCs and composting machines can be set up in small spaces and in half a day. 

  • Simple to operate

  • Running costs are low

  • Environmentally friendly and low carbon footprint

  • A good value for the money

  • High profitability


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Why TALLBOY composting machine?

Composting machines must estimate the productivity boosts, staffing requirements, and cost of compost production. Using this data, estimate not only the ROI, but also the cost-saving effects over the entire lifespan of the equipment.

Two Decades Experience

Pan India & International

Proprietary designs

Recognized & Awarded

What they say...

“One of the few OWC compost machine manufacturers that stands by the quality of compost produced by its system is RITEWAYS. Compost's rich earthy smell is what motivates people to compost more and more.”




  • Apartments

  • Cloud Kitchens

  • Clubs

  • Commercial spaces 

  • Corporate offices

  • Dairy farms

  • Factories

  • Fish markets,

  • Food processing units

  • Individual homes

  • kitchens

  • Large Canteens

  • Malls

  • Places of worship

  • Poultry farms

  • Resorts

  • Schools

  • STP/FSTP Sites

  • Vegetable Markets

  • Villas

Frequently asked questions

TALLBOY Organic waste converter - how does it work?

In the TALLBOY Organic Waste Converter machines, the Bio Bins process all incoming mixed organic waste, including coconut shells and bones, without using energy or external heating. Food waste is completely aerobically converted into rich manure without emitting foul odors, attracting flies, or attracting pests. A Tallboy OWC machine collects green trash on a daily basis and transforms it into compost.

What are the uses of composting machines?

The decomposition of organic waste derived from living organisms, such as food waste, biowaste, and garden waste, results in compost. In turn, compost nourishes the earth, which in turn nourishes us. Solid waste management refers to this biomass as "wet waste."

What is a compost machine?

The large volumes of organic waste generated in urban areas cannot be composted using traditional composting methods because they are inefficient and expensive. Composter machines are well-engineered and cost-effective solutions for bulk waste generators who need a regular supply of highly nutritious, fully digested compost with a rich earthy smell.

How does an organic waste composting machine work?

A buyer should consider two things when choosing a composting machine: the cost per kilogram of compost produced and the quality of compost produced. Composter machines must perform two tasks: one, they must grind organic waste as finely as possible, and two, they must decompose without heating (the natural digestion produces heat on its own).

What can you compost?

Vegetables & peels, leftover foods, egg shell, coffee tea powder, coconut shells, leaves & garden waste, pizza boxes, areca leaf plates, paper plates, cardboard boxes, paper

What you can't compost?

Plastics, Medical waste, Diapers, Glass, Metal, basically any man made synthetic material that would not decompose naturally.

What makes TALLBOY composting machines different from others?

There are a variety of compost machines available on the market, some are digesters and others are burners. The TALLBOY organic waste composting machine from Riteways is completely natural and works on digestion.

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