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Organic Waste Converter For Organic Waste Management

TALLBOY® Composting machine by Riteways,

is a breakthrough solutions for all solid waste & recyclable organic waste management

About Us

Riteways, manufacturers of Organic waste converter, Sewage treatment plant, Compost, Compost bin and Terrace and balcony garden systems in Bangalore, offers unique products for individuals and businesses seeking to become self-sustainable.

Riteways is a futuristic company that has developed simple and efficient products to recycle organic & bio waste and treat sewage water for productive purposes.

We are offering manufacturing franchise, distribution franchise & service franchise ranging from 5 Lakhs to 50 Lakhs. RITEWAYS is making way for a better future with these green franchises.

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The founders Neeraj & Monika wanted to do something connected to environmental clean-up and conservation. After spending about a decade on developing products and thoroughly validating them before introducing them to the market. Today we have an impressive PAN India installation base. Our products composting machines, Sewage treatment plants & compost bins are easy to manufacture and they work well which is why they want to open up and share their work with like-minded entrepreneurs who can collaborate with them to make an impact

Our Products

organic waste converter, for waste management

Organic waste converter

Choose from a range of  TALLBOY® composting machine to convert organic waste into rich high quality nutritious compost easily.

TALLBOY® , Composting machine by Riteways is recognized by pollution control board, and award-winning best organic waste converter.

Natural digestion, No Heating & Electricity Required.

Available in capacities from 50 Kg/day to 2000 Kg/day.


Rs 200,000/-

Sewage Treatment Plant, recycle wastewater using energies of Sun & Soil.

Sewage  Treatment Plants

rejuWATER®, Sewage-Wastewater Treatment Plants by Riteways:  Recycling wastewater using energies of Sun & Soil.

Simple & Modular design,  install  anywhere,


Available from individual homes to any capacity.


Rs 250,000/-

Urban Farming

veggyBARREL®, Urban farming-Terrace and Balcony Garden  by Riteways is a unique solution to growing 100 plants per pot in just about a chair space with one-tenth water consumption.

Urban farming-Terrace & Balcony Garden helps to grow own food at home, grow food on walls, balconies, sidewalks and rooftops



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rejuWATER®, Sewage treatment plants by Riteways is a breakthrough solution for all municipal & domestic sewage water solutions. rejuWATER, is a leading soil-based wastewater treatment plant, that works with sunlight and soil, has a unique easy solution presence out of the many STP plants companies in India. 

Our products are for growing own food, low-cost wastewater management and composting organic waste.


veggyBARREL® Urban Farming, Terrace & Balcony Garden  by Riteways is a unique concept wherein you can now grow more than 100 plants in as little space as a chair on a terrace & balcony.

Riteways contribute to humanity by recycling organic waste and converting concrete surfaces to high productivity edible gardens. The only company in India to install solar STP plants on the roof.


Compost Bin/Bio Bins, TALLBOY® TBB 1500, manufactured by Riteways  can be used for any type of onsite composting equipment for composting waste.

Manufacturing Franchise Business opportunities

India's first-ever organic waste conversion, wastewater and gardening solutions company Riteways is offering manufacturing franchise business opportunities to partner in manufacturing by sharing its know-how.


Rs 30 Lacs

distribution franchisee partner for installing our veggyBARRELs at homes and communities.

Riteways is making way for a better future by enabling Urban Farming

(Home Garden). Riteways offering distribution franchise business opportunities, become a distribution franchisee partner for installing our veggyBARRELs at homes and communities.


Rs 5 Lacs

Service Franchise Business Opportunities

Riteways offering service franchise business opportunities, an innovative range of services that are the first time ever. The demand is huge and the opportunity to grow is limitless. Join in for a great future and reputation.


Rs 5 Lacs

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Industry & Applications





Homes, Apartments, Educational Institutions, Places of worship, Marriage Halls, Hotels, Large canteens, Industries, Commercial establishments, Food industries, Dairy farms, Butcheries, Poultry farms, and

Municipal wards...

Our Clientele

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