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Solid Waste Management, Sewage Treatment & Unique Garden Pots

With compost make your green footprint as big as you want by choosing from a range of semi/fully automatic organic waste converter, Composting Machine, Sewage treatment plant, Compost Bin, Effluent treatment plant, FSTP and urban gardening solutions from Riteways, a leading solid waste management company in India. 

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Fully Automatic Organic Waste Converter 

Choose from a range of TALLBOY® semi/fully automatic organic waste converter to convert your organic waste into rich high quality nutritious compost easily. TALLBOY®, Compost machine by RITEWAYS is recognized by pollution control board, and won best OWC Machine award. Available in capacities from 50 Kg/day to 2000 Kg/day.

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Sewage Treatment Plant 

rejuWATER® Sewage Treatment Plant (STP Plant) by RITEWAYS for Recycling wastewater using energies of Sun & Soil. Simple & Modular design, install anywhere. Available from individual homes to any capacity.

sewage treatment plant for wastewater recycling

Unique Garden Pots for terrace and Balcony

Compost mixed other organic and live inputs creates the magical veggyBARREL® unique terrace and balcony garden pots that can grow 100 vegetable/fruit plants in just about a chair space. Urban Gardening-Terrace & Balcony Garden helps to grow own food at home, grow food on walls, balconies, sidewalks and rooftops.

veggyBARREL garden pots to grow food at home

Trusted by the greatest

We have established relationships across multiple sectors in India for over two decades.

Our products are robust and work relentlessly, with almost no breakdowns.


Franchise Opportunities in Waste Management Solutions

Franchise Business Opportunities

Franchise business opportunities are currently available from RITEWAYS to join forces in manufacturing, distributing, selling, and operating under its brand. It is India's first franchising business that offers multiple earning opportunities with the same product.

If you are eager to become a franchisee who is willing to learn what you do not know and to overcome whatever challenges arise, you have our attention, get in touch with us we are good at listening.

The Franchise

The Franchise is an established brand. Paying the upfront franchise fee unlocks the door to the franchisors' proprietary business systems and more. The fee is literally a license to own and operate the franchising business.


RITEWAYS is a futuristic company deploying modern waste management and sewage recycling techniques in order to promote self-sustainability and encourage urban farming on rooftops and balconies. Due to their simplicity, price, and deployability, RITEWAYS believes their concepts and methods are disruptive.

Area Developer Franchise Business

An area developer franchising is in which a person or entity who buys a territory or region is required to develop that region him, her or itself. The area developer would be trained and supported by the franchisor and required to open a certain amount of locations within a certain territory and in a certain timeframe.

To secure exclusive rights, an investor pays an up-front development fee, plus a franchise fee every time they open a new unit.

Master Business Franchise

The master franchisee also known as a "sub-franchise" has the responsibility of selling franchises throughout that country. Typically the master franchisee will sell, train and support the franchisees of that country and act as their franchisor. Also available for certain states or regions.

Franchise fees for a master franchise will typically range from $150,000 to $500,000 to invest in an exclusive area. In addition, an entrepreneur will need operating capital. Typical operating capital requirements will range from $25,000 to $200,000 depending on several variables.

Why Riteways?

Two Decades Experience

Pan India & International

Proprietary designs

Recognized & Awarded

Explore our range of products & solutions

A wide range of semi/fully automatic organic waste converters, compost machines, STP Plants, composting Bins, Compost and unique Garden Pots for home, apartments, restaurants, hotels, malls, gated communities and commercial establishments.


Industries Served

  • Places of worship

  • Homes

  • Small communities

  • Agriculture, Fish, Meat Markets

  • Clubs & Resorts

  • Malls & shopping complexes

  • Corporate offices, Canteens & Cloud Kitchens

  • Hospitals

  • Factories

  • Hotels, Restaurants & Eateries

  • Municipal Corporations

  • Apartments


Buy Online, your growing needs

Just four products that can make your home "Zero Garbage" and "grow food at home" that builds immune health. 

potting soil


potting soil

composting mix



urban gardening pots

Home Garden Pots



composting bins
  • How does a compost machines work?
    Compost machine work by first reducing the size of input waste materials to increase the surface area for bacteria to penetrate. In order to speed up the breakdown process, the material must be inoculated with microbes after it is reduced in size. The inoculated material should then be allowed to cure for the designated period of time until the compost is mature and cold. Some machines incorporate curing into their design, while others do it outside in crates
  • How can I sell my compost in India?
    If the compost has an earthy smell and is rich in humus, it is a very useful soil amendment and can stimulate plant growth. A product of this quality is in high demand and can fetch the highest market price. In India, the compost can be sold in bulk directly to the farmers in loose condition at ~₹8 to ₹12 per Kg, when sold in loose condition there's no tax on it. When sold as packaged and branded through a retail network it is best priced at ₹50 to ₹100 per Kg and attracts sales tax.
  • What is STP plant?
    An STP is a system for recycling nutrients from wastewater and converting them into sludge that can be filtered out and converted into organic manure. By doing this, wastewater becomes fresh water again and can be safely re-used.
  • What is urban gardening and its advantages?
    Urban gardening is a way for urban populations to become self-sufficient and self-sufficient in terms of their food supply. Local communities and interested parties can grow food on rooftops, dilapidated buildings, unused spaces and concrete surfaces. It has many advantages, - cuts down burning fuel to transport food. - reduces the need for preservation of food for long shelf life. - reduces the need to refrigerate. - facilitates organic production. - improves the health and immunity of local population.
  • What is compost?
    The soil feeds us and compost feeds the soil. Biomass rich in carbon and nutrients that are necessary for the growth of plants is compost. Using compost creates a living soil in which microbes feed on the food and their extradites feed the plants. A living ecosystem in the soil is only possible with compost.
  • How to convert food waste or organic waste into manure?
    There's no rocket science involved in making compost; it's a natural process. Anyone can make it! Making good compost takes a few tries. Composting should follow a fermentation process where the smell remains sweet-sour. This will prevent many insects and pest infestation during the decomposition process. As a result, the compost will smell earthy.
  • What are the types of compost?
    There are different ways to decompose organic waste, even though all fully decomposed organic material eventually provides nutrients to plants. There are several names for compost based on the process used, or the type of waste matter used, such as vermicompost, microbial compost, sheep manure, goat manure, chicken manure, city compost, Jaivik khaad, etc.
  • How to choose the best Sewer Treatment Plant?
    Traditionally, a household consists of five members. Home sewage has a Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) of 300 to 600 mg/L, which makes it relatively easy to recycle. Ideally, the STP should be able to effectively recycle wastewater from kitchen sinks and toilets for flushing and gardening. A machine that uses a lot of electricity or requires a lot of maintenance is not something you want.

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