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Franchise Business Opportunities in Urban Farming Solutions

Welcome to the future of sustainable living!

Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur looking for a lucrative franchise opportunity or a curious homeowner eager to explore the world of urban agriculture, we have something for everyone.

10 times the returns in less than 2 years. Franchise.


Our machines produce compost ten times cheaper.


Our STP's, ten times cheaper than electromech.


Retroft your old STP with ours and save ten times.



We are a one-stop shop for all your urban farming needs, providing innovative solutions for growing fresh, healthy food right in your own backyard (or rooftop!).

Rooftop vegetable gardening kits: We offer a variety of rooftop gardening kits to suit any space and budget.
Sewage treatment plants: We are a leading manufacturer of rejuWATER® sewage treatment plants, helping you manage wastewater sustainably.
Composting machines: Our composting machines turn food scraps into nutrient-rich fertilizer for your garden.


rejuwater sewage treatment plant, a simple and minimalistic way to recycle sewage
rejuwater sewage recycling and bottles showing recycled water from a rejuwater stp

Featured Projects

This project comprises of Branded Residences, Nikoo Homes Luxury Apartments, School, The Leela Hotel, Mall and SEZ'z. Riteways is the sole composting machine supplier. Read More..

Bhartiya City Township, Bangalore

bhartiya city towship project in bangalore

Auroville considered as one of the finest examples of Sustainable Living in the world, uses TALLBOY® Composting. Matri Mandir is the heart of Auroville community and RITEWAYS is proud to be a part of this unique ecosystem to recycle organic waste. Read More..

Matri Mandir, Auroville

matri madir, auroville

RITEWAYS Franchise - Where success is the only currency

50+ unnique home gardening and composting SKU's to create repeat customers.

Shop Sales

​Generate leads for Composting & STP projects and participate in sales.

Project Sales

​Services are required by the executed projects, sell them your services.

Service Sales

Model: FOFO
ROI: 30% and more
Space required: 500 ft²

Earning Scope

Instead of the usual hefty capital expenditure of constructing a series of tanks for an STP, RITEWAYS took a groundbreaking approach by leveraging their existing soak pits as the collection tank. This ingenious solution not only saved them a significant amount of money upfront but also reduced their operational expenses, making it a truly cost-effective wastewater treatment system. Read More..

Emerald School, Bangalore

emerald international school, nelamangala - bengaluru

An interesting initiative by Leitz Tooling's management! Utilizing unused roof space for organic vegetable farming and distributing the organically grown vegetables to their employees. Riteways, was called in to suggest and implement the pilot project. Read More..

Leitz Tooling, Bangalore

leitz tooling, peenya - bangalore

Our Brands

Future generations are counting on us. Be the change you want to see.

There's more to life than money, but money makes everything else a lot more enjoyable. We promise happiness, and we guarantee a brighter future.

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Don't let your composting dreams turn into smoke! Choosing the right composting tool matters. While some machines promise 'fast,' heater-based options, they burn valuable nutrients and leave you with... well, not compost. Don't waste your waste, choose wisely!

We offer a wide range of "Composting Bins" starting from capacites 5 Kg/day to 50 Kg/day. TALLBOY® Composting Machines capacities range from 25 Kg/day to 5000 Kg/day and they are available in both "Semi Automatic" and "Automattic" versions. Plus, unique services!

Choose wisely

tallboy composting in and the quality of compost produced by it
tallboy composting bin construct and the way to operate it
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