The above picture is one way how you could visualize  1600 MLD 

That's the equivalent of 6000-liter tankers lined up from Bangalore to Mumbai (1000 km); that's how much water we use each day and how much wastewater we produce each day at Bangalore!

In most major cities around the world, the situation is similar.

Bangalore's green cover has decreased from 70% to 15% in the last four decades, and rainfall patterns have changed within the region. Groundwater recharge has also been seriously harmed as a result of rapid concretization of the ground. Bangalore has been consuming ten times the amount of water that naturally percolates to the earth. This only spells doomsday from a scientific and economic perspective! Today, we have reached a point where this problem can no longer be overlooked. Whether we like it or not, the situation is dire.

Any drop of water contaminated by human waste should be recycled. This is the only way to prevent the next major tragedy from occurring. It's known as "Day Zero."

Sewage Wastewater Franchise Business Opportunities in India 

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Sewage Treatment Plant & Purification Services

There has been a greater focus on decentralized sewage and wastewater treatment plant recycling implementation over the last two decades. Decentralized STPs are needed, and this is the quickest way to reverse the trend, but there are numerous obstacles to overcome in their implementation. They are electromechanical, cost a lot of money, need a lot of manpower, and don't reliably deliver the same quality of treated water. As a result, some people are hesitant to accept them. Whatever implementation takes place, it will be based on policing and regulation.

In fact, if sewage and wastewater is recycled and reused for flushing and gardening, daily freshwater use can be reduced by half. When you consider the percentages above, that's a significant saving. Not only that but if the correct STP technology is implemented, everyone will be motivated to do so.

The rejuWATER sewage and wastewater treatment plant recycling technology is one such choice that can go a long way toward achieving the United Nations' sustainable development goals. The fact that rejuWATER is a solar-powered STP that uses the soil and plant environment to bio convert makes it special. This ensures that all of the nutrients in the sewage are transferred to plant growth, which removes the toxins from the water. The plants, in turn, add dissolved oxygen to the water, restoring it to the consistency of a fresh river or lake. It's less expensive to buy and run, and the list goes on and on. As the plant ages, the consistency of the treated water improves.


In contrast to all electro mech technologies, there are four main aspects where rejuWATER stands out. These are the operating costs, the necessary skill set to operate the STP Plant, the STP's life, and the treated water's reliability, as shown in the below picture.

For example, a 100 KLD electro mech STP Plant would cost about Rs.200,000/- to operate every month, the cost of setting up would be about Rs.25,00,000/- whereas a rejuWATER STP Plant would cost 20 to 30% lesser to own and to run the same would hardly add up to Rs.25,000/- per month

It is quite easy to build a rejuWATER sewage/waste treatment recycling STP Plant using locally available materials. They can be deployed on the land, fabricated structures, and even rooftops, which makes them easily implementable even in older buildings with space restrictions. The non-functional or high OPEX STPs can be retrofitted with rejuWATER modules and up to 90% operational cost reductions can be achieved.

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