Grey Water Treatment Plant for Residential-Domestic

Our rejuWATER® 300 KLD Model , Grey water treatment plant footprint is very high almost 100 liters per day. This can be very easily recycled and reused for flushing and gardening. Imagine cutting down your freshwater consumption by 70 to 90%.

What is Grey Water?

All the wastewater except the commode/bidet can be visualized as grey water, which means water from the exit points like kitchen sinks, washbasins, and toilet traps.

Why Grey water recycling makes so much sense?

The rejuWATER®300 KLD Model, Grey water treatment plant for Home & Apartments in India is fast catching up due to expected water shortages in the coming years. The cities are facing critical groundwater shortages and there is not much water entering the ground due to massive concretization. The grey water treatment plant cost of a rejuWATER® device is very affordable and can be easily implemented at residence/homes.