Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant

The sewage treatment plant generates sludge that can be converted into organic manure. Our faecal sludge treatment plant process for apartments & communities involves composting methods wherein we deploy our TALLBOY® BioBins as an integral part of the STP.

Faecal sludge treatment plants in India is a new concept and is fast catching up. These plants are an efficient way to handle the sewerage challenges posed by sanitation in cluttered urban spaces that do not have any underground drainage infrastructure. The sewage sucking tankers also called "honey suckers" are now available as a service and there are many players in the market operating such tankers. This service is available at very affordable pricing.

Riteways faecal sludge treatment plant is designed to handle incoming sludge in the tankers. The septic tank sludge is dewatered and the sludge is composted. The dewatered content is treated in the rejuWATER® sewage treatment plant. The sludge treatment plant design is based on the site conditions and available space.