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Home farming pot : The veggyBARREL

Home farming has become popular since the Covid-19 epidemic has hit the planet and lots of people want to eat healthy and organic food. The inability to grow all vegetables is a big challenge faced by hydroponic greenhouses. Home farming veggyBARREL® on the rooftops can produce not just vegetables you can grow trees in them. And all this at a fractional cost of a comparable capacity hydroponic system. If applied to commercial use, it would mean a fresher product from a commercial veggyBARREL® Home farming, less spoilage, and lower transportation pollution than a comparable rural operation plus, the consumer has a warm feeling of participating in a local food network. On one hand, we want to encourage people to grow a portion of their food at home and on the other hand, we want to link urban residents with their food as a business opportunity through franchising, "Neeraj said riteways.org founder and CTO. A decade of R&D and product testing by master gardeners before commercially launching it into the market suggest a healthy future for riteways in the urban agriculture landscape with veggyBARREL® home farming systems. But while it makes common sense that growing crops as close to the people who consume them as possible is more environmentally sustainable than exporting them around continents, it has been more difficult to pin down evidence that urban agriculture is good for the environment. This is due to the lack of simple and affordable solutions available. The commercial indoor vertical Farms that rely on artificial lighting and air conditioning or hydroponic systems that can produce mainly salad leaves are too complicated and limited by what they can grow. veggyBARREL® is looking to bridge this gap by bringing in the Urban farming systems that can produce almost everything that we eat with a very low footprint. The water consumed by each veggyBARREL® is 80% lesser than the conventional farming methods. While cities and states have started encouraging urban farming, home farming & vertical farming, it remains an open question of whether growing food in cities would eventually make it greener. Will the tradeoffs be worth the amount of food produced? For this reason, riteways have introduced the veggyBARREL® Franchise starting Rs.5 Lakhs which is a very low-cost way of starting a foolproof business. This franchise is available as one per Pin code so that there's a big network and the end-user gets proper hand-holding. If fully implemented in cities around the world, Home Farming could be a big solution for the global food crisis. Researchers hope that scientists, as well as urban planners and municipal officials, will be inspired to start taking urban agriculture more seriously as a possible sustainable way of living. It may not be possible for urban farming to replace traditional farming completely, but it can play a role in getting people closer to their food and making our cities more diverse and exciting and green. Got questions on veggyBARREL® home farming systems? Get in touch with us in the comments or call us at 901 903 4000. For franchise related queries please fill out the form here: www.riteways.org .

Home farming pot : The veggyBARREL
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