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Animals drink surface water

Animals don’t dig the earth to quench their thirst, I have never seen that in my whole lifetime! Have you?. They all gather around the water body and drink from it. This water body that is fed by rainwater is a treasurable asset to them. Also, my observation is that all animals living on land, urinate & defecate on the ground, this fertilizes the soil, we all know it! There are two very important facts that I wish to highlight here, One, by default our drinking water source is water accumulated on land. Nature’s way! Two, we can not defecate and urinate in water, forbidden! That would be a big messing up with Nature’s work And, that’s what the human civilization has been doing for centuries! We shit & piss in Commodes & Bidets all this collects and mostly ends up in rivers & lakes. Rivers & Lakes are drinking water sources for both animals and humans. When these pristine water bodies are no longer usable due to our pollution we turn to groundwater. In the megacities, if you try to visualize the cross-section of the earth below you, for a certain depth you would perhaps see millions of straws and tunnels. I mean if you took out all the pipes and laid them in a straight line, you could walk to the moon! All these straws (borewells) sucking up the groundwater have depleted the groundwater and animals can’t dig borewells. What took centuries to get deposited in the ground is gone is just a couple of decades! When does it get scary enough? Maybe when a 1L water bottle becomes Rs.1000/- or so…? I write this as if I’m not a part of all this! Ironically, we all belong here, There’s no way we could give up our lovely commodes & bidets, in fact, the drive is always to see how more and more people get access to these. So is there hope really?
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Animals drink surface water
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