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All of the products we utilize are DERIVATIVES of nature

Nature is the SOURCE and all the products that we use are the DERIVATIVES. . If we continue to be more concerned about the derivatives than the source we are all doomed. For example, let’s assume that Mango is a derivative of the Mango tree. This means that the Mango tree is the source that has the potential to produce unlimited Mangoes. It’s quite clear that here in this example Mango tree is much much more valuable than the Mango itself. But when it comes to our daily life how does it work out? Chopping off a Mango tree isn’t that painful as discovering a few rotten mangoes when you open the packet at home! In other words, the derivative has become more valuable to us than the source or nature. All the products that we use in our day to day life are derived from Nature. There would be no products if Nature gets destroyed, this is not sustainable. Our soils have lost fertility due to current agricultural practices and excessive grazing. Our soils today, need more & more organic matter, more & more biomass to produce the needed biodiversity in the soils. When you have these forms of degraded states people are in a cycle of poverty and ecological degradation. They only continue to be poor and they move this poverty from one generation to the next one. If we choose the restoration process, we’ll see that the next generations will have much better lives. They will be able to engage in a much wealthier social life, they will have different cultural shifts, they will have increased income, they will have a better diet and health care and educational opportunities, everything will be different. Investing in the rehabilitation of the degraded ecosystem will definitely be a cost-effective way to address many of the challenges we face today. The source of wealth is the functional ecosystems the products and services that we derive from them are the derivatives. It’s impossible for the derivatives to be more valuable than the source and yet in our economy now as it stands the products and services have monitory values but the source the functional ecosystems are zero. We have created an economic theory based on this flaw of logic, if we carry that flaw in logic from generation to generation we compound the mistake. If money is based on functional ecosystems, the world will be wonderful. If money continues to be based on the creation and consumption of products and services, we will transform it into a desert, which is the world for our generations to come in the future. “We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children”. Native American Proverb Neeraj founder — RITEWAYS

All of the products we utilize are DERIVATIVES of nature
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