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What is Organic Waste Converter - TALLBOY®

Updated: Aug 23

Organic waste converter TALLBOY® by Riteways, is a unique machine that turns recyclable organic waste into earthy-smelling, nutrient-rich compost.

What are the examples of organic waste?

Food waste, green leaves grass clippings or leaves, household/hotels/restaurant or industrial kitchen waste, municipal waste composts, agriculture waste & other organic waste.

What are the types of organic waste?

Biosolids, municipal solid waste composts, crop residues, seaweed and other organic wastes are some of the most often used organic waste.

How TALLBOY organic waste converter works?

The Riteways TALLBOY® Organic Waste Converter is completely natural and works on the principles of digestion. The design is basic, solid, and long-lasting, which explains why there are so few customer complaints.

Converters execute a range of tasks including shredding or crushing, filtering, mixing, filtering waste separation. The technology has found use in a variety of industries that create organic waste due to the vast range of functionalities accessible on converters.

Organic waste converter, which converts organic waste into rich compost.
TALLBOY Organic waste converter

TALLBOY®, Riteways' organic waste converter, is perfect for resource recovery centers that place a high priority on recyclable recovery.

These Solid Trash Processing units find our organic composter equipment to be straightforward to deal with for two reasons.

1. They produce the most cost-effective waste compost, which is an important resource recovery.

2. The production cost of composting is relatively inexpensive.

TALLBOY® Organic Waste Converter's Key USPs

• Low CAPEX and OPEX

• High-quality compost output

• Highly lucrative

Composting in a half-day

• No need for skilled worker

• Carbon-negative, environmentally friendly technology

• Low CAPEX and OPEX (Capital and Operating Expenses)

TALLBOY® Organic Waste Converter's Main Applications

  • Farmers' Markets (Vegetables)

  • Markets for dairy products (Doodh Mandi)

  • Markets for fish and meat

  • Farms that produce food

  • Plants that treat sewage

  • Medical facilities

  • Hotels are available.

  • Canteens with lots of foo

  • Places to live

  • Venues for weddings

  • Universities and Colleges

  • Information Technology/Information and Communication Technology/Information and Communications Technology/Information Technology/Information Technology.

  • Industry

  • Malls for shopping

Riteways Organic Waste Converters Models

TALLBOY® 125 KGD Model Composting Machine For Home & Apartments.

The verCHEW 50 fine grinder and the TALLBOY TBB 1500 Bio Container composting bin are included in this TALLBOY® 125KGD composting equipment for homes and apartments. The composting process is started by using bioculam and absorbent. Composting with TALLBOY is self-contained and doesn't necessitate the purchase of composting materials on a regular basis.


Model : 125 KGD

Compost Output

[Kg/Day] : 125

Compost Output

[Kg/Month] : 900

Power Consumption

[Units Per day] : 6

OPEX [₹/Month] : 7000

TALLBOY® 250 KGD Model Food Waste Composting Machine.

Food waste/kitchen waste composting machine TALLBOY® 250KG with one Verchew 200 fine grinder and two compost containers The TALLBOY 1500 Bio Bin, along with the start-up consumables that come with the device, may start turning all of your organic waste into rich organic manure if you take care of the following.


Model : 250 KGD

Compost Output

[Kg/Day] : 250

Compost Output

[Kg/Month] : 1800

Power Consumption

[Units Per day] : 6

OPEX [₹/Month] : 7000

TALLBOY® 375 KGD Model Composting Equipment.

All of your organic waste will be converted into rich organic manure using TALLBOY® 375KGD composting equipment, which includes one fine grinder Verchew 200 and three composting bins TALLBOY 1500 Bio Bin, as well as start-up consumables.


Model : 375 KGD

Compost Output

[Kg/Day] : 375

Compost Output

[Kg/Month] : 2700

Power Consumption

[Units Per day] : 8

OPEX [₹//Month] : 8000

TALLBOY® 500 KGD Model Composter Machine.

Model TALLBOY® 500KGD. Composter machine designed for 350 to 400 unit apartments. Each household generates 1.25 kg of kitchen garbage every day as a rule of thumb. The daily production of wet waste will be in the region of 400 to 500 kg. If wet trash is segregated at home and collected separately, each day's collected wet waste will yield around 150 kg of rich organic manure.


Model : 500 KGD

Compost Output

[Kg/Day] : 500

Compost Output

[Kg/Month] : 3600

Power Consumption

[Units Per day] : 10

OPEX [₹//Month] : 8000

TALLBOY® 625 KGD Model Bio Mechanical Organic Waste Composter Machine.

This biomechanically constructed TALLBOY® 625KGD organic waste composter machine has a biomechanically engineered design that enhances the surface area for faster microbe-mediated digestion of organic and bio waste. A mechanical approach of fine grinding using a high-speed pulverizer is used to improve the surface area.


Model : 625 KGD

Compost Output

[Kg/Day] : 625

Compost Output

[Kg/Month] : 4500

Power Consumption

[Units Per day] : 15

OPEX [₹//Month] : 10,000/-

TALLBOY® 750 KGD Model Organic Waste Composting Machine.

TALLBOY® 750KGD organic waste composting machine with one fine grinder Verchew 200 and six composting bins TALLBOY 1500 Bio Bin, as well as the starter consumables, will begin converting all of your organic waste into rich organic manure. TALLBOY composting is self-contained, and no composting consumables are required on a regular basis.


Model : 750 KGD

Compost Output

[Kg/Day] : 750

Compost Output

[Kg/Month] : 5400

Power Consumption

[Units Per day] : 9

OPEX [₹//Month] : 13,000/-

TALLBOY® 1000 KGD Model Organic Composting Machine.

With one verCHEW 500 fine grinder and eight TALLBOY TBB 1500 composting bins, the TALLBOY® 1000KGD organic composting system can transform 1000 kg of wet waste per day into rich, earthy smelling organic manure. All of the essential consumables and bacteria are included in the device to get composting started. Composting with TALLBOY is self-sustaining and does not necessitate the purchase of composting consumables on a regular basis.


Model : 1000 KGD

Compost Output

[Kg/Day] : 1000

Compost Output

[Kg/Month] : 7200

Power Consumption

[Units Per day] : 12

OPEX [₹//Month] : 14,000/-

TALLBOY® 2000 KGD Model OWC Machine.

TALLBOY® 2000KGD OWC Machine with one verCHEW 500 fine grinder and sixteen TALLBOY TBB 1500 composting bins may convert 2000 kg of wet waste per day into rich, earthy smelling organic manure. All of the consumables and microorganisms needed to get composting started are included in the OWC machine-OWC Composting Machine. TALLBOY composting is self-contained and does not require any additional equipment.


Model : 2000 KGD

Compost Output

[Kg/Day] : 2000

Compost Output

[Kg/Month] : 14400

Power Consumption

[Units Per day] : 24

OPEX [₹//Month] : 40,000/-

The finest organic waste converter of the year was given to Riteways, TALLBOY® by the pollution control board.

Answers to Questions about the Organic Waste Converter TALLBOY®

1. How are parts and maintenance in the event of a repair?

We keep enough stock on hand to ship within 48 hours.

2. How much can you pulverise in an hour?

The following are the three models of verCHEW pulverizers:

  • verCHEW® 50 kilowatt-hours

  • verCHEW® 200 at 200 kg/hr

  • verCHEW® 500 at 500 kg/hr

3. Can it be used for non-vegetable food items and garden clippings/twigs?

Yes, ours is the only OWC on the market capable of processing bones, eggshells, garden trimmings, twigs, and even coconut shells.

4. What are the external dimensions and construction materials (MOC)?

  • Machine Dimensions: 3 ft broad x 4 ft long x 4 ft high | Material of Construction: Hardened & Corrosion Resistant Steel

  • Bio Bins: 1 m wide x 1.2 m long x 1 m high | HDPE, GI, and PVC MOC

5. How is your system built to keep cockroaches and rats away during the composting process, given that the compost in the bio bin provides solid food for insects?

We haven't had any such incidents reported to us, and we haven't noticed any cockroach/rodent issues during our visits to the sites over the last five years and nearly 100+ sites.

Our system does not allow this to happen for two reasons:

  • Because putrefying odour attracts rats, we've taken extra precautions to ensure that our composting is fully aerobic and odor-free.

  • To prevent any such ingress into the Bio Bins, we use fine SS mesh all around.

6. Can the aeration holes in the bio bin cause a stink during the composting process?

It's the other way around. The aeration vents and internal piping mechanism are designed to allow Bio Bin to breathe, with inhalation taking place through the aeration vents and exhalation taking place through the central pipe protruding from the Bio Bin.

As a result, aerobic digestion occurs. When something decomposes aerobically, there is no bad odour. A good composting practice necessitates a moisture content of 30 to 40%. Our Bio Bins are designed to hold only the moisture that is required, while the remainder is drained away.

7. The TALLBOY® Bio Bin is constructed of what material? What is the average length of time?

HDPE and SS 304 are the materials of choice for this project.

  • 5 years of life expectancy No moving parts, so it's easy to fix.

YouTube Link:https://youtu.be/Az87r5-y2Q4

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