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The Carbon in Glucose comes from Soil

Updated: Jan 5

The Carbon in Glucose comes from Soil
The Carbon in Glucose comes from Soil

The earth element in us CARBON is what comes from the soil through the food we consume.

Scientifically all our recipes are nothing but fats, sugars, carbs, proteins...

Look deeper in the structures of these molecules and you will find C, H & O arranged in different patterns. Hydrogen (H) & Oxygen (O2) can come from air or water, Carbon source still remains Soil. We owe a great deal to this valuable resource and it's time we looked at things differently when it comes to Soil and Food.

Carbon in soil becomes crop, gets harvested, and sold. It's one-way traffic, no Carbon is coming back to this soil unless one adds sufficient biomass or compost.

Carbon cycle, photosynthesis with the carbon cycle, biomass, carbon sequestration by plant, all are natural engines of our ecosystem that can feed us tasty organic food without much struggle. We have free access to all elements, the sunlight, the biomass waste product, the rain.

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