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Sewage treatment plant using sunlight and soil

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Sewage treatment using sunlight and soil :- This is a case study of one of our project sites called Pegasus.

Pegasus is a team-building facility on the outskirts of Bangalore in an inaccessible and remote location, disconnected from the modern lifestyle of the city. This hamlet houses training camps spread over hilly terrain. Pegasus team building programs include heavy physical exercises, the participants take bath twice a day. When they started operations at this site two decades ago, there was enough groundwater and a lake nearby. But over the years groundwater depleted and the lake dried up. Typical water consumption of the site is higher than usual (nearly double the normal values of 135 liters per person per day). It was almost impossible to run the site operations without solving the water crisis.

sewage treatment plant
Pegasus site

Any conventional STP technology requires all the sewage to be conveyed to a centralized location. Sewage conveyance is a very expensive part of any project. Selecting a proper wastewater recycling process and implementing it was a challenge to Pegasus due to the high cost of sewage conveyance. The conventional centralized STPs need many civil tanks, pumps, motors, and blowers, consuming a huge amount of electricity. Moreover, the sewage conveyance to a central location is not feasible due to the high cost of maintaining it.

Treating sewage is not just a compliance issue anymore, we are beginning to feel water shortages and there is a strong willingness today in many industry segments to recycle and reuse wastewater. The day-to-day at RITEWAYS has a lot to do with reaching out to people with a mindset to conserve water and getting them to adopt our rejuWATER® technology. rejuWATER® is a win-win situation for all. After completing the Pegasus site it is helping us to make people visualize what we tell them, this site has made our work easier.

stp plant
Pegasus site

We are working on reaching out to non-government and charity organizations to sensitize them through this site and install such units in low-income group communities. They need us more. The Pegasus site presented a challenge and an opportunity to showcase to the whole world a unique cost-effective solution to a very big Sanitation problem that many underdeveloped and developing countries are facing today.

Even though the packaged sewage treatment plant manufacturers claim to decentralize the system, sewage conveyance still remains a big hurdle, RITEWAYS implemented a completely decentralized sewage treatment plant one for each camp toilet. No sewage conveyance was required. This sewage treatment plant runs with Sunlight and Soil and recycles 40,000 liters of sewage every day to be used for flushing and gardening. With this availability of extra 40,000 liters, their freshwater is getting conserved.

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