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Could DAY ZERO’s be the next new normal

Updated: Jan 5

Day Zero is Such an extreme event that could become a common Incident worldwide, it’s something that needs a lot of attention.

If the lakes and rivers are no longer fit to feed our drinking water needs and if we have exhausted the groundwater, what is the next option left? What took centuries for the groundwater reservoirs to fill up is getting depleted very fast which will lead to day zero very soon according to analytics.

Though the groundwater data of some of the big cities is quite alarming, it is still time to correct the situation. Nature has its abundant ways to cure when the human scarcity mindset fails. Our design needs to get completely decentralized, to a level where every individual becomes accountable. Though it’s tough and scary as it sounds but an effort in that direction can set a path to recovery and can prevent this scary thought of day zero.

Drought because of no water in the region and no rains.

Centralized installations to provide good service and a better lifestyle to its citizens in the name of "development" seems to be a failed idea from Nature's point of view. The developing nations have this one opportunity to correct the situation. Self Sustained living is not a choice to make it a NEED to become a way of life and needs to be taught from childhood. Many schools and many communities have started to adopt this and it shows very good results.

People are excited to do composting and happy to reuse recycled water. Then Why is there so much emphasis all the time to build centralized STP's and SWM resource recovery systems by governments all over the world all the time?

There are many organizations working hard to turn around the situation from "Landfills" to "Zero Garbage" from "Day Zero" to "Toilet to Tap" and the team at riteways has been working on the same for the last two decades with many interesting success stories to share, but the team is now thinking differently. If "Follow the money" is what is driving this world, riteways have rephrased it to "Follow the Good Money". The franchising team at riteways is busy planning campaigns to create awareness about its "Franchise Opportunities" to gain traction for their new slogan.

Sustainable Living is not just living in harmony with nature, it is also highly profitable. This is what the riteways team believes and is now working on ways to show how simple it can be done.

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