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SLRM - NACIN - Riteways


  • Zero Garbage Zone

  • Zero Liquid Discharge

  • Griha 4 Star rated Green Building

SLRM - NACIN - Riteways

SLRM (Solid and Liquid Resource Management) National Academy of Customs Indirect Taxes and Narcotics Griha 4 Star rated Green Building, constructed in line with Swachh Bharat theme and motto of "Zero Garbage Zone".

In order to manage the sewage generated at NACIN campus, RITEWAYS installed rejuWATER® Soil BioFiltration Solar Sewage Treatment Plant. This plant does not require electricity or machinery unlike the conventional electromechanical STP. This advanced wastewater treatment does not generate sludge and its efficiency improves over time.

To manage the bio-degradable kitchen and garden waste generated at the campus, RITEWAYS installed TALLBOY® Organic Waste Converter to convert the organic waste to earth smell nutritious compost. This organic manure is used to feed the soil in the huge garden space.

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