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OWC Noida Sector 47


  • Rich compost

  • Self Sustaining through compost sale

  • Awarded cash prize

In two years it produced 60,000 kg of compost and sold about 35000 kg at rate of Rs 10/kg. This revenue they earned met day to day expense of running the project and made it sustainable.

OWC Noida Sector 47

Sector 47, Noida Recycle Food Waste Machine

"Swachhta Prerna Udyan" a unique experiment by the Resident Welfare Association of Sector 47, Noida. This facility at one one their park location was created with an intention to create to showcase the resource recovery from the garbage generated by their community. Riteways won the contract to set up their composting part, in July 2018.

This initiative was a brain child of M/s Garbage Clinic - Noida, RWA Sector 47 - Noida and supported by Noida Authority. The TALLBOY® composting system was supplied and commissioned by M/s RITEWAYS - Bangalore.

Proud Moment:
RWA Sector-47, Noida was awarded a second prize of Rs.One lakh in "Solid Waste Management" Award Competition jointly organized by Bureau of Indian Standards & Noida Authority, Noida.

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