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OWC BIA-Bidadi Industries Association – Riteways


  • Workers are motivated by the quality of compost

  • 15 tons organic waste per month

  • 5 tons rich compost per month

  • Zero Garbage through complete resource recovery

OWC BIA-Bidadi Industries Association – Riteways

Bidadi Industrial area is one of the biggest industrial townships on the outskirts of Bangalore housing some of the major industries of this country. Toyota, Bosch, Innovative Film City.. to name a few. They have formed an association called "Bidadi Industries Association" (BIA).

BIA has set up a Resource Recovery Center under the SLRM (Solid and Liquid Resource Management) guidelines of Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan to collect the garbage from all the Industries in Bidadi Industrial Area and process it in thier centralized facility. This facility is equipped with semi-mechanized and cost-effective tools that can engage the human resource in a hygienic manner to realize their "Zero Garbage" goals. This facility generates employment and also is self-sustainable commercially.

After several rounds of due diligence, RITEWAYS won the contract to supply & install their TALLBOY® organic waste composting machine.

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