Organic Composting Machine

Composting is important to the success of any solid waste management program. It is crucial for the success of composting that wet and dry waste segregation occurs at the source, that is, at each and every home. This separated wet and dry waste should be transported to the solid waste collection area without being mixed. At all times, manual separation of wet and dry waste at the composting yard should be avoided.

If the above conditions are met, a TALLBOY® 1000KGD, Organic composting machine with one verCHEW 500 fine grinder and eight TALLBOY TBB 1500 composting bins will turn 1000 kg of wet waste per day into rich, earthy smelling organic manure. The device comes with all of the necessary consumables and microbes to get composting started. TALLBOY composting is self-sustaining and does not require the purchase of composting consumables on a regular basis.