Bio Mechanical Organic Waste Composter

TALLBOY® 625KGD Model, Bio mechanical organic waste composter machine is a biomechanically engineered design that increases the surface area for faster microbe-mediated digestion of organic & Bio waste. The increase in surface area is achieved through a mechanical method of fine grinding using high-speed pulverizer.

It's crucial to ensure proper kitchen, food & bio waste segregation, collection of segregated wet waste, and distribution of segregated kitchen, food & bio waste to the Bio mechanical organic waste composter station before an effective SWM campaign can be launched. At the composting station, manual separation of wet and dry waste should be avoided at all costs.

If you follow the instructions above, a TALLBOY® 625KGD, Bio mechanical organic waste composter with one fine grinder Verchew 200 and five composting bins TALLBOY 1500 BioBin, as well as the included start-up consumables, will begin converting all of your organic waste into rich organic manure. TALLBOY composting is self-contained, and no composting consumables are needed on a regular basis.