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Garden Pots Online for Terrace Balcony & Vertical Garden 

Buy unique Garden Pot online from Riteways Bangalore, at best prices, for all your terrace, balcony and vertical gardening needs, is a unique solution that can grow organic & nutritious food at home in abundance. Grow more than 100 plants in as little space as a chair.

garden pot veggyBARREL by Riteways for terrace & balcony for growing food at home
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Garden Pot For Terrace For
Growing Food at Home


Use veggyBARREL terrace gardening pot to set up a farm in your terrace; it will grow you fruits, flowers and vegetables. With each veggyBARREL®, you can grow 100+ plants per pot in a space as small as a chair.


Urban Terrace Gardening can be your home farm. Who says you can't be a farmer! Do you have a terrace?


It all depends on the amount of time and money you are willing to invest in renovating your terrace into a highly productive garden. Rooftop size does not matter.

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Gardening Pots For Balcony 

When you live in an apartment, you may not have considered gardening as a viable hobby, but with veggyBARREL® balcony gardening pot you can do a little bit of farming even on the smallest balcony. Having a balcony farming can be a very rewarding and relaxing activity, bringing nature into your home and allowing you to harvest your own food.


Urban balcony garden can be fun, we can show you how to make the most of your garden if you are interested in getting started.

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Vertical Farm Pot

Vertical garden pot is perfect for urban spaces and who want a high yield. Growing vertically is a much more enjoyable experience than growing horizontally - and it also provides an easier and more productive growing space.

With veggyBARREL® Vertical farm pots you can maximize harvests using very little space. Also, with veggyBARREL® the chance of disease killing your crops and the danger from pest are much reduced and consumes very less water.

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Urban Farm Pots

With urban garden farm pot, you can grow your own fruits, flowers and vegetables in a sustainable manner. veggyBARREL® terrace gardening plant pot allow you to grow food in a limited space Living in the city doesn't have to make it difficult to grow your own food.

Build a self-sustaining community and grow healthy food year-round. The first step is to get started. Discover the benefits of gardening and you'll soon be reaping the rewards. A nutritious, healthy diet is the right thing to do for everyone.

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basket-with-vegetables grown in veggeybarrel pot
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I have always looked forward to a low maintenance & low investment terrace and balcony garden and riteways veggyBARREL® pot turned out to be an excellent choice. Low water requirement and ease of maintenance is brilliant. The soil provided as well has been studied and researched upon extensively which makes it easier for the veggies to grow.


Already there's been Palak Pakoda, Palak Soup, Kouthumbari used. Waiting for Tomato Beetroot and Turnip harvest


 veggyBARREL gardening pots to grow vegetables in abundance

veggyBARREL Gardening Pot, Ready to grow food at home 

veggyBARREL Gardening Planters Pot

veggyBARREL® Garden planters pot is an unique concept wherein you can now grow more than 100 plants in as little space as a chair. The terrace and balcony farming is quite exciting with many people practicing organic farming in terraces and balconies. Urban gardening in India is also growing quite rapidly.


Though it is tough to imagine how our food travels to end up on our plate, one thing we all know is that it comes from a farm somewhere. It needs to remain fresh for a long time and to do so it needs chemical intervention. Whether good or bad we don't know but definitely, there is a guilt of something going wrong with our food.

Glocal (Think local act global) is a sustainability concept that gives rise to urban farming- a new way of looking at our food supply. The Rooftops, Balconies, and any unused concrete surface can now be considered to grow food using the veggyBARREL® Gardening project.

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 Riteways Urban Gardening

veggyBARREL® Urban Gardening 
Commercial Projects.

Grow tons of vegetables on unused concrete surfaces like rooftops using urban gardening.

The garden keeps the building cool and purifies the air.

Urban gardening projects can utilize unused terraces in commercial spaces.

Gardening on unused terraces at apartments can grow sufficient vegetables for distribution to residents.

 Riteways Terrace Vegetable Gardening

veggyBARREL® Home Farming Organic Gardening

Terrace Vegetable Gardening using veggyBARREL® terrace gardening can quite stress-busting.

kids can now connect with food, it's very easy to work on the veggyBARREL Garden Planters pot.

veggyBARREL® Terrce vegetable gardening is perfect for seniors or those with a physical handicap.

Now you can create a beautiful garden using veggyBARREL gardening pot, that feeds the whole family with their choice of vegetables grown by their own hands.

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