Fully automatic food waste composting machine for home apartments & restuarants for composting organic food waste into rich compost

Automatic Food Waste Composting Machine TALLBOY®

Riteways are the manufacturers and suppliers of unique fully automatic food waste composting machine across India, offers simple and affordable waste management solutions at affordable price in India, for home, apartment, commercial and industrial sectors, no external heating, electricity and curling required. low cost and faster processing. Harvest highly nutritious ready to use earthy smell compost daily.

Automatic Kitchen waste converter for home apartment & hotels for converting food waste into rich compost

About TALLBOY® Automated Food/Kitchen Waste Converter

TALLBOY® Automated Food Waste Converter Machine is a combination of a high-speed pulverizer and composting bins with built-in curing systems (no foggers needed in our system).


Kitchen Waste Composter TALLBOY® from Riteways is the only automatic composting machine that can process coconut shells and bones and works on natural digestion principles without the use of external heating, the TALLBOY® aerobic award-winning compost system turns food scrap into rich compost with no foul smell.

Composting is essential for a successful solid waste management program implementation. Organic shredder machine must be installed at all bulk waste generator locations according to the 2016 solid waste management rules

automatic Food waste converter for converting organic food waste into rich compost

Automated Food Waste Converter Machine

Automated Food Waste Converter Machine TALLBOY® by Riteways Bangalore, offers a premium solution to tackle the organic wet waste problem for apartments, commercial and industrial sectors at affordable price. This 100% mechanical and bio-degradable process reduces your carbon footprint by minimizing landfill waste.

Automated composter machine for composting organic waste into rich quality compost

Automated Composter Machines for Commercial Usage

Kitchen waste Composter Machine for Commercial Purpose

The Riteway's TALLBOY® Automated Composter Machine can be used as a central food scrap composting facility for an entire complex or institution. It is simple, robust and easy to operate. It converts any biodegradable organic kitchen waste into rich quality compost, suitable for all commercial units such as hotels, hospitals and schools, provides best solutions at reasonable price.

The Riteways  TALLBOY® Automated Kitche Waste Composter is an ideal solution for restaurants and public facilities. The unit is simple, robust and easy to operate, transforming any biodegradable organic food scrap into rich quality compost.

Our automatic composting machine TALLBOY® are ideal for use in any commercial settings and are the perfect solution to help control your companies food scrap costs.

Our automated composter machine TALLBOY® is designed to provide the ideal solution for any business or institution where a high volume of organic waste is produced. By converting food wet waste into compost, your business will not only comply with current legislation but also greatly reduce its carbon footprint.

automatic food waste compost machine for apartments home restuarnts for connverting food waste into rich compost for industrial usage

Automated Food Waste Compost Machine for Industrial Usage 

Food Waste Compost Machine for Industrial Sectors. 

Riteways Bangalore has a vision of sustainable future, therefore we developed an industrial automated food waste Compost Machine TALLBOY®. It is suitable for all from small scale industry to large scale industrial sectors, to reduce organic food waste and convert into highly rich compost. This shredder machine will process organic kitchen waste into organic compost within 24 Hours

With an advanced design and compact structure, the food waste recycling machine is suitable for all from small scale industry to large scale industry sectors.

Our products are of high quality and reliable performance, and we offer the most cost effective waste management solutions that allow you to comply with food waste regulations in a cost-effective way.

Riteways Automated food waste compost machine TALLBOY® is a specialist in the field of processing, sorting and shredding organic waste. This is one of the most popular types of pulverizer machine for the purpose of recycling organic waste. The system provides a full range of solutions.

Food Waste Composter for apartment and homes for converting organic waste into rich compost

Food Waste Composter for Home (Domestic Usage)

kitchen Waste Composter for domestic purpose 

Riteways TALLBOY®, is the market leader in domestic food waste composter for home. Riteways wet and dry kitchen waste composter converts all kinds of wet and dry organic bio-degradable waste into high quality compost. We design & manufacture kitchen waste composter in house and offers supreme service to all our customers in India.


Riteways TALLBOY® Food waste composter grinding, shredding and converter combines all the essential functions of household kitchen waste separation, pre-treatment and composting in one simple operation. This appliance is designed to minimize the amount of organic kitchen waste going to landfills. It is made tough with robust heavy duty construction and is ideal for most domestic applications.


About TALLBOY® Composting Equipments


  1. Chokeless Drainage.
  2. Large Volume.
  3. Air Vents help establish meso, thermo & maturation phases.


  1. Maintains 30 to 40% moisture content.
  2. Enough space to add green:brown
  3. Fermentative composting process sets in, digestion happens