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Best Composting Machine TALLBOY®
by Riteways

Let's Compost Responsibly
using the right Compost Machine

Custom-Made Composting Solutions

Riteways, Manufacturers & Suppliers of best Compost Machine across India for recycling organic waste & food waste at affordable prices. With a variety of services and custom-made solutions, we are ready and eager to tackle your project. Fill out this form and reach out with any questions.


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composting machine for recycling organic waste into rich earthy smell nutritious compost

The Riteways TALLBOY® Composting Machine is completely natural and works on the principles of digestion. The design is basic, solid, and long-lasting, which explains why there are so few customer complaints.


TALLBOY Compost Machine executes a range of tasks including shredding or crushing, filtering, mixing and filtering waste separation. The technology has found use in a variety of industries that create organic waste and food waste due to the vast range of functionalities accessible on converters.

  • They produce the most cost-effective waste compost, which is an important resource recovery.

  • The production cost of composting is relatively inexpensive.


Benefits Of Using TALLBOY Composting Machines


Riteways best awarded composting machine by pollution control board, is a unique machine, that  turns recyclable organic waste/food waste into earthy-smelling, nutrient-rich compost. 

• Low Capital and Operating  Expenditure

• High-quality compost output

• No odor, No Flies

• Highly lucrative

Fully Automated Compact Machines

• No need for skilled worker

• Carbon-negative, environmentally friendly technology

• ISO Certified

• Size Available from  50 Kgs to 5000 Kgs Per Day

• Starting price Rs 95K. 

. Installation Across India.

. For apartments, home, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, malls, commercial and industrial usage.

Why Riteways TALLBOY® Compost Machine?

compost machine benefits explained in the image

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