Home Compost Bins

The compost bins - Bangalore story has many shades, the 20L buckets, the khamba's, the tumblers. In fact, the story is the same for a compost bin for home - India. Why should the Compost Bins be different from any other bin, in fact, it should be simpler. In other bins, you need to empty them when filled up. home compost bins don't need emptying.

The kitchen waste composting at home is done very simply with TALLBOY® TBB 400 Home Compost Bins. TBB 400 compost bins for sale are available in 5 colors and are very simple to use - just keep dumping, no emptying whatsoever! What you can remove from the bottom as and when you need is compost for plants and its earthy smell and highly nutritious.

Daily feed rate : up to 5 Kg food waste (home use)
Absorbent per use: 1 Kg sprinkle
Electricity consumption: Nil
Heating: None