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Best Compost Bins TALLBOY® from Riteways Bangalore, buy online, discover our range of best selling home and community composter for indoor and outdoor and zero-waste management products. 

Riteways, Bangalore manufacturers and suppliers of TALLBOY® Compost containers, have built-in curing and are hassle-free devices that need no manual interference, converts all kinds of biodegradable waste into rich fertilizer.

compost bins for home & apartments for composting organic waste into rich compost

Home compost bin receive a uniform quality of waste, typically vegetable scraps, fruit peels, and leftover cooked food waste. Adding garden waste will make composting more effective. TALLBOY® TBB 400 have built-in curing, so you can simply fill and forget about them.


Apartment and Community Composting 

Composting Bins for Apartment and Community can compost organic waste from 15 to 20 homes. A community composting project requires that people do not secretly put mixed kitchen waste into the bin. Segregated organic waste only should be fed to the bin in order to ensure proper composting.


Kitchen Composter For Kitchens, Eateries and Restaurants

The Kitchen Waste Composter also works well with small eateries and small restaurants. Since TALLBOY® composting process does not involve any external curing and manual handling, it is easy to adopt these bins. Rich manure output can also be retailed to visiting clients.


Community Composting For Bakeries and offices

The Community Composter are large enough to decompose the high sugar Food waste from bakeries. Offices with canteens can adopt the TBB 1500 bins for their left over food and other organic wastes if the waste generation is around 10 to 20 Kg/day. A simple & affordable solution.


Home Composter

Capacity: up to 5Kg/day
Dimensions: 2ft dia x 3ft height
Feed in: Top filling organic waste
Harvest: Bottom door compost harvest
Base: Heavy duty industrial grade Castor Wheels

Price: ₹15000.00

home composter for individual homes for composting organic waste into rich compost
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 Apartments/Community Composting 

Capacity: up to 25Kg/day
Dimensions: 1m x 1.2m x 1.2m
Feed in: Top filling organic waste
Harvest: Bottom door compost harvest
Base: Heavy duty baseframe

Apartment composting bins for composting organic waste into rich compost

Why TALLBOY® Home Composter?

TALLBOY® Home Composter is very simple decomposition box that does not have any moving parts. They are designed for hassle-free and no nuisance composting. The odors are fermentative and do not attract pests. Organic waste is fed from the top and humus is harvested from the bottom. Fits in tight spaces & terraces, ideal for Hotels, Restaurants, Offices, and Small Institutions.

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